Saturday, May 9, 2020

exam questions - AWS ELB

  • A company wants to use load balancer for their application. However, the company wants to forward the requests without any header modification. What service should the company use?
    • Classic Load Balancer
    • Network Load Balancer
    • Application Load Balancer
    • Use Route 53
  • A Solutions Architect is building an Amazon ECS-based web application that requires that headers are not modified when being forwarded to Amazon ECS. Which load balancer should the Architect use?
    • Application Load Balancer
    • Network Load Balancer
    • A virtual load balancer appliance from AWS marketplace
    • Classic Load Balancer
  • An application tier currently hosts two web services on the same set of instances, listening on different ports. Which AWS service should a solutions architect use to route traffic to the service based on the incoming request?
    • AWS Application Load Balancer
    • Amazon CloudFront
    • Amazon Route 53
    • AWS Classic Load Balancer
  • A Solutions Architect needs to deploy an HTTP/HTTPS service on Amazon EC2 instances with support for WebSockets using load balancers. How can the Architect meet these requirements?
    • Configure a Network Load balancer.
    • Configure an Application Load Balancer.
    • Configure a Classic Load Balancer.
    • Configure a Layer-4 Load Balancer.
  • A company is hosting an application in AWS for third party access. The third party needs to whitelist the application based on the IP. Which AWS service can the company use in the whitelisting of the IP address?
    • AWS Application Load Balancer
    • AWS Classic Load balancer
    • AWS Network Load Balancer
    • AWS Route 53

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